Plug Type
Cutting length
Wahl Clipper Cleaning Brush
One of the must-have tools for maintaining and cleaning your favorite WAHL tools. Large cleaning brush for removing hair, prevents wear and dirt. For a longer durability of all WAHL tools.
€3,16 Excl. tax
Wahl Plug (European) for Cord Charger for different Wahl Clipper and Trimmers
Wahl Plug (European) for Cord Charger for different Wahl Clipper and Trimmers
Interchangeable Wahl Plug, for European wall sockets, for the cord charger of the following Wahl models: Super Taper Cordless clipper, Magic Clip Cordless clipper, Detailer Trimmer and the Hero Trimmer.
€15,65 €13,30
€10,99 Excl. tax
Wahl Taper Cutting Blade
Wahl Taper Cutting Blade
This Taper Cutting Blade fits all Classic Series WAHL hair clippers, including the Super Taper, Taper 2000, Super Taper Chrome. and the Super Taper Cordless.
€40,33 €38,45
€31,78 Excl. tax
Wahl Turbo Booster 3400 Ergo Light Blowdryer
Wahl Turbo Booster 3400 Ergo Light Blowdryer
The Turbo Booster 3400 Ergo Light is an extremely powerful hair dryer with 2400 Watt and long-life AC motor. The ultra strong fan ensures maximum airflow.
€77,80 €64,95
€53,68 Excl. tax
Wahl Fade Brush
The hairs of the Fade Brush are a mix of boar and nylon hairs. These soft but strong bristles effortlessly remove shaved hairs, without sticking to them, and help to define the fade work.
€13,21 Excl. tax
Wahl Super Dry Blowdryer
Wahl Super Dry Blowdryer
The Super Dry Hair Dryer has a super strong 2000 Watt, long-life AC Motor. The modern tourmaline technology generates negative ions and soft infrared heat.
€42,86 €33,95
€28,06 Excl. tax
Wahl Barber Cape Pinstripes Cutting Gown
Wahl's own Barber Cape, a must-have for every barbershop and salon. Designed with a classic barber pinstripe design. This cutting gown is extra large, anti-static and water-repellent.
€19,79 Excl. tax
Wahl Diffuser Universal for Super Dry Hair Dryer
Universal diffuser (9 fingers) for the Wahl Super Dry hair dryer.
€6,43 Excl. tax
Wahl Super Cordless 1872 (A&B) Battery
Battery for the WAHL Super Cordless 1872 clipper.
€19,13 Excl. tax
Wahl Super Taper Cordless Clipper - Limited Edition Union Jack Edition
WAHL Super Taper Cordless Clipper has a professional cutting blade that can be adjusted due to the adjustment lever from 1-3 mm. The clipper is also equipped with a Lithium Ion battery for longer life and no memory effect!
€120,96 Excl. tax
WAHL Attachment Combs Set Type 1 - Plastic Coloured #½ (1½mm) + #1½ (4½mm)
Attachment Comb set # ½ (1½mm) + # 1½ (4½mm) for the WAHL clippers: Super Taper, Super Taper Cordless, Super Taper Chrome, Taper 2000, Icon, Pro Basic, 5-Star Legend, 5-Star Magic Clip Cordless and 5- Star Balding.
€5,75 Excl. tax
Wahl Beretto Clipper / Beret Trimmer Charger
Charger for both the Wahl Beretto clipper (Chrome/Black Stealth) and the Wahl Beret trimmer.
€25,57 Excl. tax
Wahl Finale Shaver Shaving Foil Gold
Wahl Finale Shaver Shaving Foil Gold
The shaving foil of the Wahl Shaver is made of the highest quality hypoallergenic foil. This will prevent unwanted skin irritations.
€33,24 €29,95
€24,75 Excl. tax
Wahl Flat Top Speed Comb
Bring each shaving session to a higher level with the WAHL Flat Top Speed Comb. This unique patented clippercomb is perfect for superior flat tops, fading and shaving-over-comb techniques.
€13,21 Excl. tax
Wahl Attachment Comb Type 1 - Plastic Left/Right Ear
Special attachment combs for the DIY among us. These attachment combs are designed with a bevelled corner, which makes it easier to shave around the ear area.
€3,10 Excl. tax
Wahl Charging Stand + Cord Charger for Super Trimmer
Complete charging set for the Super Trimmer: charging stand + cord charger.
€16,40 Excl. tax
Wahl Master Blowdryer AC Chrome
The new Wahl Master Hairdryer has a stylish design in chrome optic. Equipped with an extremely powerful 2000 Watt, long-life AC Motor. The Ultra strong fan ensures a maximum air flow of 83 m³ / h.
€112,20 Excl. tax
Wahl Attachment Comb Set Type 12 - Beret/Sterling 2 Trimmer
Set of black attachment comb for the WAHL Beret Chrome/Black Stealth Trimmers and the WAHL Sterling 2 trimmer (#1 - 2.5 mm / #2 - 6 mm / #3 - 9 mm / #4 - 11 mm).
€16,29 Excl. tax
Wahl Grip Ring Silicone
The Grip Ring is ideal for the barber and hairdresser who want more grip and control using their favorite WAHL tools. This ring is made of 100% silicone rubber.
€1,61 Excl. tax
Wahl Legend Cutting Blade
Wahl Legend Cutting Blade
Cutting Blade for the WAHL Legend Clipper 5-Star Series. Cutting length: 0.5 - 2.9mm. Blade Width: 40mm.
€39,66 Excl. tax
Wahl Pro Air Styler Hot Air Brush
Wahl Pro Air Styler Hot Air Brush
The Pro Air Styler is perfect for drying and styling the hair at the same time. Due to the 3 interchangeable brushes any desired hair style can be created.
€48,29 €44,95
€37,15 Excl. tax
Wahl Hero/Detailer T-Blade 32mm Cutting Blade
Wahl Hero/Detailer T-Blade 32mm Cutting Blade
T-shaped Cutting Blade for the WAHL trimmers: Detailer and Hero. Cuts with high precision thanks to the T-Blade design. Designed for all trim and blend work. Cutting length: 0.4 mm. Blade width: 32 mm.
€42,89 €35,90
€29,67 Excl. tax
Wahl Charger Cord Super Taper/Balding/Magic Clipper
Clipper charging cord (2,4 meter) for the Wahl clippers: Super Taper, Balding and Magic Clip. Please note, before replacing this cord, we recommend viewing the WAHL instructional videos.
€8,88 Excl. tax
Wahl Magic Clip Cordless Cutting Blade
Equipped with the unique Stagger Tooth technology, blending and fading easily becomes faster. This cutting blade provides an ultra short result with precision.
€45,54 Excl. tax