Wahl Barber & Hairdresser Bag
The Barber & Barber bag from WAHL is specially designed for the barber and hairdressers on the go. The bag contains 2 large storage spaces, and a number of smaller ones for storing the small tools. The tools remain safely stored while traveling.
€31,47 Excl. tax
Wahl Shave Razor 5-Star Blade
The Wahl 5 Star Shave Razor is similar to a traditional cut throat or straight edge razor but uses a disposable blade. The Shave Razor leaves a sharper and smoother finish with less irritation to the skin.
€22,95 Excl. tax
Wahl Barber Cape Pinstripes Cutting Gown
Wahl's own Barber Cape, a must-have for every barbershop and salon. Designed with a classic barber pinstripe design. This cutting gown is extra large, anti-static and water-repellent.
€19,91 Excl. tax
Wahl Flat Top Speed Comb
Bring each shaving session to a higher level with the WAHL Flat Top Speed Comb. This unique patented clippercomb is perfect for superior flat tops, fading and shaving-over-comb techniques.
€12,95 Excl. tax
Wahl Clipper Comb
The WAHL Clipper comb is a must-have during every shave! Create better fades and blends with this ergonomic clippercomb.
€2,35 Excl. tax
Wahl Clipper Holder Metal Chrome
The WAHL Clipper Holder has got a completely new design. Designed with a chic metal design, this clipper holder is easy to maintain and puts the finishing touch in each salon.
€17,95 Excl. tax
Wahl Grip Ring Silicone
The Grip Ring is ideal for the barber and hairdresser who want more grip and control using their favorite WAHL tools. This ring is made of 100% silicone rubber.
€1,58 Excl. tax
Wahl Fade Brush
The hairs of the Fade Brush are a mix of boar and nylon hairs. These soft but strong bristles effortlessly remove shaved hairs, without sticking to them, and help to define the fade work.
€8,80 Excl. tax
Wahl Power Pik Nozzle for Super Dry Hair Dryer
Attachment for the Super Dry Hair Dryer. Ideal for drying bulky and afro-hair type. Design ensures that the heat is directed towards the root of the hair.
€10,46 Excl. tax
Wahl Diffuser Universal for Super Dry Hair Dryer
Universal diffuser (9 fingers) for the Wahl Super Dry hair dryer.
€6,30 Excl. tax
Wahl Snap-On Clipper Finger Ring
The Wahl Snap-On Clipper Finger Ring offers the barber and hairdresser more grip and control when using a clipper, with an anti-slip function. This handy accessory fits all professional Wahl corded clippers.
€10,46 Excl. tax
Diffuser for Super Dry & Turbo Booster Blowdryer
Diffuser for the Wahl Super Dry hairdryer and Wahl Turbo Booster hairdryer. With Tourmaline and Ceramic technology. Reduces static electricity.
€15,09 Excl. tax
Wahl Clipper Wall Hanger
Clipper holder that can be mounted on the wall. With this you will always have your favorite tools within reach and ready to use.
€16,29 Excl. tax
Wahl Spraybottle
Aluminum water spray from Wahl with a modern design. A must-have during every shave.
€5,93 Excl. tax
Wahl Tool Carry Case
Compact but sturdy case from WAHL, ideal for storing various tools eg tondeuses, trimmers and scissors. Thanks to the various storage compartments, each tool is held securely in place.
€16,78 Excl. tax
Wahl Mustache Comb
Handy little comb for taking care of the mustache, 9cm long.
€2,50 Excl. tax
Wahl Styling Tool Pouch Heat-Resistant
This heat-resistant pouch is ideal as a pad and storage pouch for the WAHL CuteK Advanced Straightener and WAHL Curling Iron during and after use.
€8,25 Excl. tax