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Cutting length
WAHL Super Taper Clipper
The most popular clipper in our range. A powerful heavy-duty cord clipper, ideal for continual use. ...
€112,42 €57,95 €47,89 Excl. tax
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Wahl Cordless Clipper 100 Year Anniversary Limited Edition
What better way to celebrate WAHL's 100th anniversary other than by using this absolute vintage stun...
€248,05 €169,95 €140,45 Excl. tax
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Wahl Magic Clip Cordless Clipper
WAHL Magic Clip Cordless Clipper delivers the sharp performance that barbers and hairdressers demand...
€193,20 €124,95 €103,26 Excl. tax
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Wahl Super Taper Cordless Clipper
WAHL Super Taper Cordless Clipper has a professional cutting blade that can be adjusted due to the a...
€136,22 €89,95 €74,34 Excl. tax
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Wahl Cordless Senior Clipper
The Wahl Cordless Senior Clipper is equipped with the most powerful engine among all Wahl's wireless...
€203,64 €139,95 €115,66 Excl. tax
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Wahl Detailer Trimmer T-Wide 38mm
The WAHL Detailer Trimmer T-Wide is a powerful trimmer from the Five Star Series. This is a very sho...
€116,63 €82,50 €68,18 Excl. tax
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WAHL Finale Shaver
WAHL Final Shaver is a powerful shaver from the Five Star Series. Specially designed for finishing a...
€150,55 €101,95 €84,26 Excl. tax
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Wahl Beret Black Stealth Trimmer
The Beret Trimmer Bleack Stealth, like the chrome version, has a very efficient and durable Lithium-...
€114,88 €83,95 €69,38 Excl. tax
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Wahl Legend Clipper
WAHL Legend Clipper is a unique and essential tool for the demanding hairdresser. The Legend is one ...
€136,16 €92,50 €76,45 Excl. tax
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Wahl Magic Clip Cordless Clipper Black&Gold (Limited Edition)
The WAHL Magic Clip Cordless Clipper delivers the sharp performance that barbers and hairdressers de...
€189,41 €158,95 €131,36 Excl. tax
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Wahl Mobile Shaver
Wahl Mobile Shaver is a cordless shaver with a compact size (46 x 100 x 20mm) and light weight (appr...
€21,44 €19,95 €16,49 Excl. tax
Wahl Balding Clipper
The 5-Star Series Balding Clipper is a real barbershop must have! With an electromagnetic engine as ...
€112,42 €81,95 €67,73 Excl. tax
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Wahl Super Trimmer 1592
WAHL Super Trimmer 1592 is a powerful, chargeable wireless trimmer for fine work. The cutting length...
€103,67 €73,45 €60,70 Excl. tax
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Wahl Classic Series Super Taper + Super Trimmer Combipack
Wahl Combipack Super Taper + Super Trimmer is the perfect combipack for any allround professional! T...
€207,41 €138,95 €114,83 Excl. tax
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Wahl Clipper Attachment Comb Set Type 1 - Plastic PREMIUM #1-8
The PREMIUM attachment combs are more firm and have a better fit on the tools. These attachment comb...
€39,95 €33,02 Excl. tax
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Wahl Combipack Super Cordless + Super Trimmer
Great value for money with the Super Cordless + Super Trimmer Combipack. Two wireless tools with fla...
€272,58 €175,95 €145,41 Excl. tax
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Wahl Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer
It is finally that time! The popular WAHL Detailer trimmer is now available in a wireless version: t...
€124,95 €103,26 Excl. tax
Wahl Super Cordless 1872 Clipper
WAHL Super Cordless 1872 Clipper is a good all-round clipper, suitable to cut every hairtype. Equipp...
€186,91 €123,50 €102,07 Excl. tax
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Wahl Barber & Hairdresser Bag
The Barber & Barber bag from WAHL is specially designed for the barber and hairdressers on the go. T...
€38,84 €32,10 Excl. tax
- +
Wahl Super Taper Chrome Clipper
The Wahl Super Taper Chrome is designed for an all-round shaving experience. A powerful heavy-duty c...
€116,63 €79,95 €66,07 Excl. tax
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Wahl Sterling 2 Plus Trimmer
WAHL Sterling 2 Plus is a multifunctional cordless trimmer specially designed for all trim and blend...
€121,24 €87,95 €72,69 Excl. tax
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Wahl Hero Trimmer
The 5-Star Series Hero Trimmer is a powerful cord trimmer, ideal for continuous use. Equipped with a...
€103,67 €80,50 €66,53 Excl. tax
- +
Wahl Beret Chrome Trimmer
The Beret Chrome Trimmer has a highly efficient and durable Lithium-Ion battery, with no memory effe...
€107,56 €76,50 €63,22 Excl. tax
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Wahl Magic Clip Clipper
The Magic Clip Clipper is a lightweight barber clipper is specially designed for traditional taperin...
€112,42 €84,95 €70,21 Excl. tax
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